In the autumn of 1996, a sentence fell, which awaited a few enthusiasts on two wheels, who, as "WILD HORSES", were touring the asphalts of Slovakia and the city of Prešov individually or in small groups: "It would like a motorcycle club" with everything that goes with it.

In 1997, the Prešov Motorcycle Club with the WILDE HORSES patch ran out and started working on itself. The club was registered as a trademark, had its statutes, hierarchy and a huge desire to do something for the motorcycling world. The first real meeting came on Sigord, only for bikers. Under the leadership of the first president of the club R. Bilas, he organized a number of events and other years of motorcycle events, 1998, 1999, 2000, which were among the best motorcycle events in Slovakia.

The idea of ​​transforming the independent club Wilde Horses Prešov into MC structures, which needed to be built in Slovakia, also began with frequent trips to foreign motorcycle events organized by MC clubs in Italy, Croatia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic. In 2002, after a long time of preparations, interviews and negotiations with clubs that operated in the Slovak Republic at that time (Red Devils Bratislava, Faraons Sekule), the working era of SLOVAKIA MC began, where Wilde Horses Prešov transforms into an MC club. The name is changed to "WILD HORSES", the lower part of SLOVAKIA MC is added, some members are leaving, the colors correspond to international customs and protocol. In the autumn of 2003, more riders clubs are added and SLOVAKIA MC is recognized by the international forum of the large MC family.