In September 2003, after long preparations and negotiations at meetings in Banská Bystrica, the Slovak MC was established. MC members are:


In the future, we expect a number of motorcycle clubs to be established in Slovakia. This is, of course, related to the growing number of bikers who want to belong somewhere. We try to avoid possible misunderstandings, so we will inform you about what the labels of individual clubs should look like so that they are not confused with MC clubs. The size of the markings that clubs outside the MC can use is up to 28 cm in diameter!

The distribution of individual parts in MC clubs in Slovakia is based on the world MC movement. So this is not some individual invention of a few people! Motorcycles in Slovakia must be marked in one piece (if they want to use them). T.j. they must not visually resemble three-part MC colors! The use of color combinations is a matter of consultation with MC clubs in Slovakia. Of course, there is a complete difference, which means that similarity, interchangeability with the features of SLOVAKIA MC clubs is excluded.

The designation on the front, ie the function, the name of the club, the housewife, the state, is the prerogative of only MC clubs. You can clarify these basic rules, as well as the things that interest you, directly at one of the SLOVAKIA MC clubs.