Road closures - CANCELED


WILD HORSES MC, TRINITAS MC and independent clubs as the organizers of the event, we regret to inform you that the traditional CLOSING OF THE SEASON on 26.09.2020 will not take place. THE ACTION IS CANCELED After information from PZ SR, the Office of Health. We would like to thank Petro YAMAHA Prešov and Riders Pub Košice for being willing, even in this difficult pandemic situation, to provide their facilities and facilities for the meeting and departure of individual columns. The cancellation of our joint event was the gradual cancellation of the place of arrival of the columns and the secured program - Tornaľa, then the village of Bretka, another alternative place was the town of Spišská Nová Ves and finally the town of Levoča. These were all places where we were able to meet hygienic measures with the participation of up to 1,000 people. Despite making every effort, we did not succeed. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to the next meeting. We wish you a happy start to the season without accidents and collisions. Mainly with the wheels down, watch out for cold and wet roads. MC and Support Club.